Giardini Naxos – Short Let Giardini Naxos

The history of
Giardini Naxos

Giardini Naxos in the province of Messina just 3 km from the beautiful Taormina is the first Greek colony of Sicily, founded around 734 B.C. from the Calcidesi d'Eubea to which they joined, as it now seems certain, the Nassi from the great Aegean island.

The city thrives in the Archaic period and therefore, in the first decades of the 5th century BC, it comes from Ierone gilded and rebuilt according to a strictly regular plan. In 403 BC It is destroyed by Dionysus I of Syracuse who lands the walls, enslaves the population and delivers the territory of the city to neighboring Sicilian populations, meaning to punish it for having sided with the Athenians in the conflict against Syracuse.

After this event Naxos no longer returned to the rank and role of the city, while remaining its active port for all of antiquity.

Urban life moves to Taormina, which was founded in 358 BC. from Andromaco, father of the historian Timaeus, who welcomes the exiles of Naxos.

The story of the city ends therefore in the space of just over three centuries. This circumstance, which is confirmed by archaeological evidence, makes Naxos a privileged observatory for the study of the most ancient urban planning of the Greek cities of the West.

Archeological Park of Naxos and Taormina

To learn about the history and nature of the area surrounding the beautiful bay of Naxos Taormina, which has always been a symbol of Sicily, visit the Archeological Park of Naxos and Taormina.

It is a network park that includes an extraordinary cultural and scenic heritage and protects the most beautiful and precious places of the district: in Giardini Naxos, immersed in lush vegetation the archaeological excavation area (here very frequent and rich in discoveries) of the ancient city of Naxos

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